Anti Lost GPS Enabled Lost and Found Tag



Anti Lost GPS Enabled Lost and Found Tag

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Doyou know someone who often forgets small things? Getting ridiculed by the family for constantly losing glasses, car keys, Airpods, remote, handbag, backpack, and much worse, theirpet? Well well well!

We cannot really help if they forget their spouse’s birthday or their wedding anniversary, however, we strongly recommend them this fabulous anti-lost device to find those forgotten everyday objects and get much more organized. If you wish to get one for yourself, all you need to do is press on the remote transmitter, which sends theradio frequency signal to the lost item, and the beeping sound and a soft LED light of the FOB on the lost item will tell you where on earth it’s hiding after all!

Protect your precious things and find peace to get on with your day again in a much more organized way withEZTagg, which now comes in an improved GPS-enabled version for 2023, making it a global anti-lost tagg.


*It is made of eco-friendly scratch-proof and sweatproof Silicon material that can not be damaged with any impact whatsoever.

*It is super easy to use, perfect for indoors and outdoors, daytime and nighttime, as it has a LED indicator light.

*Radio frequency signal range finds the lost object to its last location on a map with pinpoint accuracywithin 10 ft.

*It is small in size and weighs only 2 oz.

*Areplaceablebutton cell battery that lasts for 12 months.

*A built-in efficient sound driver chip.

*Easy to carry as it comes with a keychain ring.

*Select from various colors.

* A thoughtful gift ideal for the elderly, forgetful person, and busy moms who wish to stay organized.

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